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Brand Culture

Staff are BDSport's great treasure

Relying when becoming old and raising when still too young for our staff and their family members are the strength to push us keeping development.

Our Vision: Big Dipper Lighting the Globe, Shining our Chinese Dream;

To be the leader of LED Sports Lighting Industry.

Our dream: To be the leader of LED sports lighting and benefits the human-being.

Big Dipper judges our talents by their real working ability.

Therefore, the most important thing in the operation and management of the organization is whether the heads of departments are really capable. A capable staff not only has the ability to perform his duty, but also has a noble personality, deserves respect and trust, and is willing to exert his ability for the benefit of all. Such an organizational environment must be established to provide the opportunity for the capable staff to be responsible for the organization and to realize their value. If operates on the strength doctrine, the organization will continue to be strengthened and become a welfare organization for all employees.

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