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The Story of Founding the Family Fund

In October 2017, our general manager Mr. Yang, saw a link in the moments of WeChat to share the funds of the sick people on a droplet website and clicked on it. A happy family life was shattered by an unexpected illness. The patient was found to be suffering from uremia on March 14, 2005. It was like a catastrophe for the patient.

The treatment cost more than one million RMB and the family was unable to pay for follow-up treatment and care. Her parents' worry and taking care of  her day and night impressed her, she was really very sad and very weak as struggling on the edge of death.

It touched Yang a lot, and he began to think about how to improve employee happiness index as employees are the company's valuable assets and what can the company do? Supposed that the sick patient is a member of our staff, how can the company help her?

Mr. Yang communicated with Ms. Xiang and Mr. Yuan in private on this. "Relying when becoming old and raising when still too young",  BDSport is not a company that just belong to one person, but it's a company that belongs to every staff. What shall we do representing as the company?

With General Yang's proposal, the board of Directors voted unanimously to establish BDSport's Family Fund. The stability of the family is based on the health and economic stability of the family members.

Healthy of family members can improve the well-being of the whole family, so that the members work outside with worry. In order to carry forward our company's spirit of solidarity, helpfulness and mutual help, enhance the appeal and cohesion of the team, the company can give every love to the employees who need the most care in time.

At the end of October, the company set up the leading group of the Foundation. The official employees of BDSport can be funded by the family fund within the scope of the fund assistance.

The launching ceremony of the family fund was held at the monthly meeting in early November.

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